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Janet Robb Professor of History and Social Science, Department of History Barnard College, Columbia University

Making Barnard History

An informal repository and blog  for all materials
relating to Barnard history

Among its early contributors:

History sub-committee of the Barnard 125 celebration
Lisa Gordis, English Department
Hilary Callahan, Biology Department
Bob McCaughey, History Department

2018 Inaugural Sub-Committee on Barnard History
Anne Higonnet, Art History Department
David Weiman, Economics Department
Karen Farbanks, Architecture Department

Members of the “Making Barnard History” Evening Seminar Program
Sponsors Include:
Linda A. Bell,  Office of the Barnard Provost
Jamie Coffey, Alumnae Relations Office
Lisa Tiersten, History Department
Joanne Kwong, Barnard 125 Steering Committee

Barnard undergraduates enrolled in History 4491/Spring 2015
Adele Bernhard
Leora Boussi
Amanda Breen,
Jennifer Davis
Mollie Galchus
Caroline Lange
Lauren Malotta-Gaudet
Gina Masino
Elizabeth Moye
Paulina Pinsky
Kelly Reller
Frederica Rottaris
Sarah Thieneman

Barnard College Archives
Shannon O’Neill, Director  [email protected]
Martha Tenney, Digital Archivist [email protected]

Other Administrative Contributors

Beth Saidel, Communications
Alisa Rod, Empirical Reasoning Center
Becky Friedkin,  Office of Institutional Research

Blog maintained by:
Bob McCaughey, [email protected]