Oral History Interviews Belating to Barnard

Oral History Interview Transcripts

Oral History Interviews Columbia Center for Oral History and available in RBMLibrary:
Butler 6th Floor
Millicent McIntosh, Dean and President of Barnard College (1947-1962)
Grayson Kirk, President of Columbia University (1953-68)
William J. McGill, President of Columbia University (1970-80)
William T. de Bary, University provost (1972-1978)
Bettina Berch, Barnard 1973
Peter Juviler, Political Science Department

Rosalind Rosenberg Interviews [for Changing the Subject] :
Helene Kaplan, Barnard trustee, Chair, — March 22, 2000
Eleanor Elliott, BC 1949; Barnard trustee, — July 8, 1999

Bob McCaughey Interviews [for Stand, Columbia]:
Charles S. Olton, Barnard Dean of Faculty, 1977-1987 – June 10, 2014
Marcia Sells, Barnard College 1981, student leader – October 2, 2014

Oral History Interviews of members of the Class of 1971, available in Barnard Archives:
Barbara Bernstein, February 2011
Candace Hawes, March 5, 2011
Carla Ricci, February 18, 2011
Carol Sananiello Spencer, February 2011
Donna Summers Carter January 2011
Fay Chew Matsuda, December 2011
Heather Kurze, February 2011
Karla Spurlock Evans , February 12, 2011
Katherine Brewster, February 5, 2011

Interviews conducted on Occasion of the Barnard Centenary, 1989,
available in the Barnard Archives
Esther Biederman (Grebelsky) 1931
Nathalie Woodbury 1939
Barbara Valentine Hertz 1943
Hannah Falk Hofheimer 1909
Mary Dublin Keyserling 1930
Florence Samet Rothschild, 1908


Class of 1971 Prospects (as per Katherine Brewster, 2/25/2015)

On Campus Prospects:
Mary Gordon, Class of 1971 – Barnard English Department
Constance Brown, Class of 1971 – Barnard Registrar and English Department
Flora S. Davidson – Barnard Political Science Department
Timea Szell – Barnard English Department
Anne Prescott – Barnard English Department
Serge Gavronsky – Barnard French Department
Christine Royer, Director of Admissions

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