Move to Morningside

The Move to Morningside

Columbia board decision in 1891 to move from East Side campus; first purchase of M/Side land from NY Hospital in 1892
Already there
1868 — Bloomingdale Asylum – moves out in 1894
Morningside Park
Riverside Park
Grant’s Tomb – completed in 1897
1892 — Cathedral of St. John the Divine
1896 — St. Luke’s Hospital
1894 — Teachers College – first two buildings opened (Main and Macy Halls0


1892 –  May 20 — Anonymous gift [Mary E. Brinckerhoff, 87-year-old widow of Van Wyck Brinckerhoff, d. 1892] of a building contingent on BC acquiring site adjacent to CU new campus within 4 years. Her attorney Frederick Wait

1895 – February — BC takes option on 119th-120th St. lots from New York Hospital but still short by $144,000 of the $160,000 price.

1895 – May – 2nd gift of a building of $100,000  from “a lady who desires that her identity should not be made known.”  Donor is recently appointed trustee Mrs. Elizabeth Milbank Anderson. Gift later increased to $170,000 to cover entire cost of building.

EAM – b. 1850, NYC
Daughter of Jeremiah Milbank à Borden Condensed Milk and railroad investor
She and brother Joseph each inherited $10,000,000 in 1884
Married painter Abram A. Anderson in 1887
Turned to Barnard as a philanthropic undertaking when Roosevelt Hospital rejected terms of a $1,000,000 gift in 1894 – social acquaintance of BC trustee Mrs. Joseph Choate
Gave $10,000 to the building fund. GAP had her elected to the BC board.

1896 – May — Last of the $160,000 for site comes in as a $23,000 gift  at the deadline in May 1896.

1896 — October – Cornerstones for Brinckerhoff and Milbank laid. Gift of a 3rd building of $140,000 from  Mrs. Josiah M. Fiske (friend of ex- board chairman Arthur Brooks) announced for third building; to be attached to western side of Milbank, with Brinckerhoff attached to the eastern side. Fiske’s attorney is George W. Smith, her brother.

1897 – October – Barnard  College’s Morningside campus  receives its first students upon the opening of Milbank and Brinckerhoff.

No quorum at 10/12/98 board meeting held on campus. Future meetings on East Side residences of trustees.  Silas Brown Brownell to Seth Low – “As you know, it is a long way up to Morningside Heights” (11/23/98)

12/1/98 – BC board to have meetings “at a place further down town”  à Hewitt’s house
9 Lexington Ave??
10/20/99 Board meeting – 6 east 38th Str. Mrs. Anderson’s home


1903 – Mrs. Anderson acquires 3 acres to south of Milbank from New York Hospital for $1,000, 000.

1906 – Mrs. Anderson underwrites construction of Brooks Hall for $300,000


1907 October – Brooks hall opens; to accommodate 100 residentsv