Meetings Calendar

# Meeting Date Topic Assignment
I. The Founding Generation, 1889-1914
January 26 An Introduction to Historical Research:
What’s a Primary Source?
Some preliminary discussion as to your research interests
2 February 2 Review of the Secondary Literature:
Who’s To Be Believed?
A   review of two secondary accounts of Barnard’s history
3 February 9 Spreadsheets and Historical Data:
The Uses of Counting
Create a data set and present a quantitative hypothesis
4 February 16 Location, Location, Location:
You Are Where You Live?
Create a map and present ageographical hypothesis
5 February 23 Provisional Findings, I Your 1st Contribution to a New Barnard History
II. The Turbulent Generation, 1964-1989
6 March 2 The Horse’s Mouth:
Prospect & Pitfalls of Oral History
Identify a possible Barnard interviewee
7 March 9 Before the Fall:
The McIntosh Prelude
Schedule and prepare script for interview
Spring Break
8 March 23 Video renderings of Columbia 1968 Conduct interview
9 March 30 The Class of 1971 Oral History Submit transcript and analysis
10 April 6 Provisional Findings, II Your Second Contribution to a New Barnard History
III. Your Barnard
11 April 13 On Your own
12 April 20 1st Set of Presentations/Postings
13 April 27 2nd Set of Presentations/Postings
14 May 4 3rd Set of Presentations/Postings

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