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Making Barnard History

An informal repository and blog  for all materials
relating to Barnard history

Among its early contributors:

History sub-committee of the Barnard 125 celebration
Lisa Gordis, English Department
Hilary Callahan, Biology Department
Bob McCaughey, History Department

2018 Inaugural Sub-Committee on Barnard History
Anne Higonnet, Art History Department
David Weiman, Economics Department
Karen Farbanks, Architecture Department

Members of the “Making Barnard History” Evening Seminar Program
Sponsors Include:
Linda A. Bell,  Office of the Barnard Provost
Jamie Coffey, Alumnae Relations Office
Lisa Tiersten, History Department
Joanne Kwong, Barnard 125 Steering Committee

Barnard undergraduates enrolled in History 4491/Spring 2015
Adele Bernhard
Leora Boussi
Amanda Breen,
Jennifer Davis
Mollie Galchus
Caroline Lange
Lauren Malotta-Gaudet
Gina Masino
Elizabeth Moye
Paulina Pinsky
Kelly Reller
Frederica Rottaris
Sarah Thieneman

Barnard College Archives
Shannon O’Neill, Director  [email protected]
Martha Tenney, Digital Archivist [email protected]

Other Administrative Contributors

Beth Saidel, Communications
Alisa Rod, Empirical Reasoning Center
Becky Friedkin,  Office of Institutional Research

Blog maintained by:
Bob McCaughey, [email protected]