Administrative Heads of Barnard College, 1889 – 2019


 Administrative Heads of Barnard College, 1889 Р2019
# First Name Last Name Title Year Began Year Ended Age at App’t Tenure Reason Birthplace Religion Race AB Source Grad. Degree G/Degree Source Previous Position Previous Locale
1 Emma Weed Admin. Chair 1889 1894 5 Years Died Upstate NY Protestant White Vassar None None School head NYC
2 Emily James Smith Dean 1894 1900 6 Years Resigned/Personal Upstate NY Protestant White Bryn Mawr PhD Chicago Teacher NYC
3 Laura Drake Gill Dean 1901 1908 7 Years Resigned/Personal Maine Protestant White Smith None None Hospital Admin. Cuba
4 Virginia Crocheron Gildersleeve Dean 1911 1946 36 Years Retired NYC Protestant White Barnard PhD Columbia Teacher NYC
5 Millicent Cary McIntosh Dean/President 1947 1962 15 Years Retired Baltimore Protestant White Bryn Mawr  PhD Hopkins School head NYC
6 Rosemary Park President 1962 1966 4 Years Resigned/Personal Boston Protestant White Radcliffe Collge president Connecticut
7 Martha Peterson President 1967 1975 8 Years Resigned Kansas Protestant White U. Kansas PhD University Kansas Univ. administration Wisconsin
8 Jacqueyn Anderson Mattfeld President 1976 1980 4 Years Terminated Baltimore Protestant White Goucher PhD Yale Univ. administration Rhode Island
9 Ellen Victoria Futter President 1980 1993 14 Years Resigned/Career Move NYC Jewish White Barnard JD Columbia Attorney NYC
10 Judith Shapiro President 1994 2008 15 Years Retired NYC Jewish White Brandeis PhD Columbia College administration Pennsylvania
11 Debra Spar President 2008 2017 45 8+ Years Resigned/Career Move NYC Jewish White Georgetown PhD Harvard Prof. Schl. Administration Cambridge, Mass.
12 Sian Leah Beilock President 2017 NYC Jewish White Ucal S/Barbara PhD Mich. State Univ. administration Chicago
James Harvey Robinson Acting Dean 1900 1901 Returned to faculty
William Tenney Brewster Acting Dean 1907 1911 Returned to faculty
George W. Mullins Acting Dean 1930 1932 2 years Returned to faculty