Frederick A. P. Barnard,  Three Annual Reports devoted to “The Education of Women,”  June 1879, 1880 and 1881

Annie Nathan Meyer, Letter to The Nation, January 1888,  on “The Higher Education of Women in New York City”

Rev. Arthur Brooks, “The Constituency of Barnard College, ” Barnard Annual, Vol 1 (May 1894), 10.

Intercorporate Agreement between the Trustees of Columbia University and the Trustees of Barnard College, January 1900

Letter of Barnard Bursar N.W. Liggett to Barnard Board Treasurer George A. Plimpton, June 20, 1906, on incoming class of students

Freda Kirchwey (BC 1915), “Observations and Discussion: Fraternities versus Democracy”
Barnard Bear  (1912-13), pp. 3-6.

Rebecca Grecht letter to The Nation, carrying the title, “Anti-Semitism at Barnard,” October 4, 1922. Writer identifies herself as an applicant to Barnard rejected because she was Jewish.

Virginia C. Gildersleeve letter to The Nation, December 6, 1922, responding to the Grecht letter’

Draft Chapters

I. “What’s a New York Girl to Do?”

2. Shaky Start: A Tale of Two Cities

3.  Becoming Barnard

4. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Gildersleeve?

5. Good Times: Barnard in the Twenties

6. Tough Times: Depression, War & Other Distractions

7. Those Were The Days: The McIntosh Era

8. Into the Storm

9. Saying No to Zeus

10. Barnard Rising

11. New York, New York

12. Going Global