Barnard By the Numbers — Index Page

Barnard by the Numbers:
A Potpourri of Historical Statistics


Student Numbers   [N = 45,000]
    S1. Student Enrollments, 1889 – 2018
S2. Graduates by Class, 1893 – 2017
S3. Students by Hometowns, Selected Years
S4.  Students as Commuters, Selected Years
S5. Students by Academic Preparation, Selected Years
S6. Students by Major Fields of Study, Selected Years
S7. Students by Religious Affiliation, Selected Years
S8. Students by Racial/Ethnic Identification, Selected Years

Student Admissions
SA1. Admission Applications, Selected Years
SA2. Admits as % of Applications, Selected Years [“Admit Rate”]
SA3. Accepts as % of Admits, Selected Years [“Yield”]

Alumnae Numbers [ N = 50,000]
A1. Alumnae by Residence, Selected Years
A2. Alumnae by Marital Status, Selected Years
A3.  Alumnae by Occupation, Selected Years
A4.  Alumnae by Subsequent  Education, Selected Years

Faculty Numbers [N = 800]
  F1. Faculty by Number & Rank, Selected Years
F2. Faculty  by Rank & Gender, Selected Years
F3. Faculty by Major Fields, Selected Years
F4. Faculty by Years of Service, Selected Years



F5. Faculty by AB Origins, Selected Years
F6. Faculty by PhD Source, Selected Years
F7. Faculty by Racial/Ethnic Identification

Trustee Numbers [N = 310]
T1.  Trustees by Number  & Gender, Selected Years
T2. Trustees by Residence, Selected Years
T3. Trustees by Occupation, Selected Years
T4. Trustees by Religious Affiliation, Selected Years
T5. Trustees by Racial/Ethnical Identification, Selected Years
T6. Trustees by Years of Service, Selected Years

Deans/Presidents Numbers [N = 12]
   P1. Presidents by Birthplace
P2. Presidents by AB Origins
P3. Presidents by Graduate Education
P4. Presidents by Occupation
P5. Presidents by Age at Appointment



P6. Presidents by Years of Service
P7. Presidents by Reason for Leaving


Campus & Buildings
   C1. Campus land acquisitions by size, location, year and cost
C2. Buildings by size, location, year, cost and function

Operating Budgets, 1889-90 to 2017-18
M2.  Endowment, 1889 to 2018
M3.  Tuition, 1889 – 2018
M4. Tuition as % of All Income
M5. Financial Aid as % of Tuition (“Discount Rate”), Selected Years
M6. Endowment Income as % of Operating Budget