Prepare files and check netlist

1. Which library files do backend engineers need?

Timing: lib

RC delay: capTable, QRC tech, QRC lib

Physical: lef, gds

Route rule: tech lef, tech file

Xtalk: cdb

Power: VoltageStorm tech, VoltageStorm lib

2. Which files are about design?

Netlist, constraint, IO file, scan def

3. What should be checked before APR?

Check library files, version, unit whether are right.

Check timing, make sure pins/unit have constraint.

check_timing -verbose > ./dbs/check_timing.rpt

Check design, no input floating, no output term (exclude three-state gate) shorted.

checkDesign -physicalLibrary -netlist -timingLibrary -nohtml -outfile ./dbs/check_design.rpt


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