Band Theory

Problems 1. How does the band gap indicate whether or not your substance is an insulator, semiconductor or conductor? 2. What is the purpose of a p-type semiconductor? An n-type? 3. What is the purpose of understanding band theory? Answers 1. A very large band gap is indicative of an insulator–since it takes a great… read more »

PN junction

Figure A. A p–n junction in thermal equilibrium with zero-bias voltage applied. Electron and hole concentration are reported with blue and red lines, respectively. Gray regions are charge-neutral. Light-red zone is positively charged. Light-blue zone is negatively charged. The electric field is shown on the bottom, the electrostatic force on electrons and holes and the… read more »


Understanding the FinFET semiconductor process -from Youtube How MOSFETs and Field-Effect Transistors work! -from Youtube