Remote access to the Linux Servers

Linux User   1.Right Click to open a new terminal 2.Connect to eitx server with your netid and password with the following command ssh -X <NID>@vlsi.eecs.ucf.edu note:use your UCF NID to replace the <NID> above   Macintosh User   Install X11 from the Apple OS Disc or www.apple.com Enable X11 Forwarding sed ‘s/#X11Forwarding\ no/X11Forwarding\ yes/’… read more »

Cadence Virtuoso

I used Cadence┬« Virtuoso┬« to design layout for Electromigration (EM) Test Pad for tape-out with Harris Corporation and ICAMR in Fall 2016, partner was Novati Technologies, Inc. who I submitted GDSII to. Map file was from MOSIS: https://www.eda.ncsu.edu/wiki/MOSIS_Layers. The test pad size: 120um x 120 um. Pitch: 250um, which means 130um spacing between 2 test… read more »