OOF2 and Abaqus

Microstructure FEA by OOF2 and Abaqus

  • OOF2 is a program developed by NIST which can take a micrograph to create a finite element model with a specific microstructure.
  • OOF2 itself can solve for the local behavior of a material and a range of physical phenomena. The microstructure model generated in OOF2 can also be imported in Abaqus for analysis.
  • Comparing to “drawing” a simplified microstructure in Abaqus, combining OOF2 and Abaqus is a better approach to microstructure FEA.

  • General procedure
    • Set pixel groups based on image pixels in OOF2.
    • Assign material properties to the pixel groups, including mechanical properties (Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio) and CTE in OOF2.
    • Meshing the image in OOF2.
    • Import the model with stable mesh generated by OOF2 for Abaqus simulation.
    • Simulate in Abaqus.
  • We ran FEA in both OOF2 and Abaqus and compared the results to validate the approach.

  • Plain stress model
  • \Delta T=-375_{_}^{o}\textrm{C}


Material E (GPa) \nu CTE (ppm/_{_}^{o}\textrm{C})
Cu 110 0.35 16
Si 130 0.28 2.8




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