NYU Wellness Center

721 Broadway, Room 1218, New York, NY 10003



We are accessible by public transportation.  We are located a 10-minute walk from the A/C/E line at West 4th street; a 2 minute walk from the R/W line at 8th Street; a 5 minute walk from the 6 line at Astor Place; a 10 minute walk from the B/D/F/M line at Broadway/Lafayette.

About NYU Wellness Center:

In collaboration with CSSW’s DBT Program, CSSW assigns a student enrolled in the DBT Program to work at the NYU Student Health Center’s Counseling & Wellness Services as a social work trainee for the academic year three days per week. The trainee is required to be on site on Wednesdays for All-Staff meeting, Trainee Seminar, and the DBT Skills Training group.

The trainee’s primary assignment is to be a training clinician within the NYU Student Health Center’s Counseling & Wellness Services. The student, in close collaboration with the clinical supervisor, will conduct intake assessments, provide short-term psychotherapy, co-facilitate a DBT Skills Training group, become a member of the center’s DBT Consultation Team, attend weekly Trainee Seminars alongside other social work and psychology trainees, and attend weekly all-staff meetings and in-house trainings. The trainee will receive 2 hours of individual clinical supervision on a weekly basis.

Individual Therapy: The trainee will provide short-term counseling services to the NYU student population in line with agency policies and protocols. The trainee will work with students with various presenting issues and will collaborate with the clinical supervisor for treatment planning. In addition to providing short-term counseling, the trainee will also work with supervisor in providing referral services to their caseload when indicated.

DBT Skills Training Group: The trainee will co-facilitate a DBT Skills Training Group, which meets on Wednesday evenings. The group will be co-facilitated by the trainee’s supervisor, and the trainee is expected to be the primary facilitator by the spring semester.

Consultation Team: The trainee will participate as an active member of the DBT Consultation Team at the Student Health Center, which is held biweekly. The student will be expected to both provide and receive consultation on cases discussed during Team, as well as share in the roles of Mindfulness Leader and provide brief DBT teachings.

Documentation: The student will be responsible for initial evaluation assessments for each client that s/he works with. The student will also complete progress notes for each individual therapy session and each group session (on each member). The student’s supervisor and group co-facilitator will respectively review and sign off on the student’s documentation.