Cognitive and Behavioral Consultants of Westchester and Manhattan

1 North Broadway, Suite 704, White Plains, NY 10601


We are accessible by public transportation.  Take the MetroNorth to the White Plains stop, and then an approximately 10 minute walk from the station to the office, though there are also taxis and a shuttle looping downtown White Plains.  The trip takes roughly 1.5 hours from CSSW, with extra time needed to sign in and get swiped up to the CBC office by security.  Google Maps link:

About CBC:

In collaboration with CSSW’s DBT Program, CSSW assigns a student(s) enrolled in the DBT Program to work at the agency/organization as an intern for the academic year three days per week (Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays-Mondays and Thursdays include evening groups, and Fridays begin at 9am).

The student’s primary assignment is to provide comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy at CBC in a private practice clinic setting. The student will participate in all modes of DBT, including individual DBT therapy, DBT Skills Training Group, intersession phone coaching, and Consultation Team.

Individual DBT Therapy: At maximum capacity, the student will have no less than 2 and no more than 4 individual DBT therapy clients that s/he will see at least once weekly. During the Spring semester, or sooner if s/he and the agency determine readiness, the student will also work with 2-4 clients using standard CBT.

DBT Skills Training Group: The student will facilitate 2 DBT Skills Training Groups per week, which meetMonday and Thursday evenings for 2 hours in duration each. Each group will have an additional facilitator per the comprehensive DBT module, with the additional facilitator and the student switching roles weekly re: homework review in the first half of the group and didactic teaching of new skills in the second half of the group.

Intersession Phone Coaching: For all DBT cases, the student will be responsible for providing phone coaching in between sessions with clients, with availability to clients 24/7 within reason. The student’s supervisor will be providing additional support for intersession phone coaching should the student not be available, as well as provide 24/7 availability to the student regarding conducting said coaching calls.

Consultation Team: The student will participate as an active member of the DBT Consultation Team at CBC, which is held weekly for 2 hours in duration. The student will be expected to both provide and receive consultation on cases discussed during Team, as well as share in the roles of Mindfulness Leader, Observer, Note Taker, and Meeting Leader.

Documentation: The student will be responsible for initial evaluation assessments for each client that s/he works with, unless it is a transfer case. The student will also complete progress notes for each individual therapy session and each group session (on each member). The student’s supervisor and group co-facilitator will respectively review and sign off on the student’s documentation.

Clinical Research (optional based on interest and need): The student will be participating in clinical research duties pertaining to Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy provided at CBC and agencies to which CBC consults for 5 hours per week. Responsibilities will include data entry of clinical assessments and related information, running analyses, and compiling reports.