Long Island Jewish/Zucker Hillside Hospitals (Adult and Adolescent)

75-59 263rd St., Glen Oaks, NY 11004


  1. The best way to get to LIJ is by way of the E since it’s express–from CSSW,  take the B to 7th avenue 53rd street, and then the E to Kew Gardens.  From there, take the Q46 – there are two Q46 buses. One says on the front Glen Oaks Queens 260th Street – this bus is local so it takes a bit longer but it can get you to Zucker; you would get off at 260th street and then walk to the campus. The other bus says on the front of it Limited or LIJ Express – as per the title, it’s express and goes quicker, and you would take it to 263rd street and then walk the to the campus.  (Both Q46 buses generally arrive at Kew Gardens at the same time or within a few minutes of each other, so you  want to wait for the express, unless it’s really cold and you have time to get on the local).  The total cost with the transfer is $2.75 one way, and takes 1 1/2 hours on a good day.
  2. For extraneous circumstances (i.e. when the E has issues) there are other ways to get into Queens.  You can walk from the E station up to the F at 57th which then you can take to Kew Gardens (it’s local so it takes longer than the E but you can still get where you’re going).  Additionally, there is the QM6 express bus which you can pick up to go directly to Queens for $6.50 – it runs every 1/2 hour to 1 hour. When taking it back from LIJ, it stops at 263rd where you would wait for the Q46.  For the additional cost, it takes about the same amount of time and you can take it to 42nd street Bryant Park, but the seats are cozier and ideal for napping.
  3. The only other way is the LIRR – the closest stop would be the New Hyde Park train station–from there you would have to Uber to Zucker – the cost would be more than the other options, for likely a similar amount of time, depending on where you live.