Resilience/Burnout Systematic Review Among Mental Health Practitioners

This research project is dedicated to understanding the current literature on resilience and burnout among mental health practitioners as a first step in developing a model for improving resilience among clinicians who choose to work with clients with severe and complex disorders. The studies will begin with a systematic literature review examining, analyzing, and critiquing current evidence on the subject of burnout and resiliency among mental health practitioners. The research assistant(s) joining this project will assist in the process of both development of the review protocol, retrieval of articles, and subsequent analysis. 

DBT Training Program Evaluation 

This ongoing research project evaluates the CSSW DBT Training Program in a number of ways: an online survey, a telephone follow-up interview, a survey of internship supervisors, and the assessment of competence among training program participants. The research assistant(s) will aid in analysis of both quantitative and qualitative survey data collected from program graduates by research team. In addition, the research assistant(s) will help develop qualitative survey questions for future interviews with program alumni. 

Survey of DBT Academic Training Programs

This project is surveying academic DBT training programs available to graduate students across mental health disciplines (social work, counseling, nursing, psychology and psychiatry) identifying training program components, intensity of academic training and internship experiences and supervision.  The research assistant(s) will assist in design of the survey instrument and telephone data collection with directors of academic DBT training programs.

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