Apply now! Children’s Corp | Training Program + Job Placement

Children’s Corps aims to enhance the child welfare workforce by infusing the industry with passionate and dedicated workers who commit to supporting children & families in NYC, and have the potential to become leaders within the field.

Prior experience is not required to join the corps as each member completes a pre-service training that provides them with the knowledge and competencies needed to begin casework. The training brings together real world experience and classroom learning, while also building a community of support. After completing training, each member is placed at a partner agency in NYC. There, they receive a full-time salary and comprehensive benefits. During members’ two-year commitment, the program provides individualized peer-to-peer and staff support, professional mentorship, networking opportunities, and social events!

The application is now available! This opportunity is open to anyone who will have an MSW by July 4, 2023. To learn more about the program, please click here .

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Erika Suarez ’19 at ([email protected]).

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