Peer Support Program for Recent Grads

Did you graduate in 2016 or later? If so, you have the opportunity to participate in a peer support group for CSSW alumni. Spearheaded by Alyssa Zakarian ’21, Syma Sambar ’21, and Ashley Leeds ’20, the group meets every second Sunday at 2:30 PM ET and every third Tuesday at 7:30 PM ET via Zoom.

Drop in to talk about social work, get advice on how to handle tricky situations in the workplace, or listen to the experiences of your CSSW colleagues. Guest speakers will be announced as well. To join in, register here. By doing so, you will also be subscribed to the CSSW Peer Sup listserv where you will receive information on group discussions, job opportunities, and latest trends.

Optimizing Your Online Presence for Your Career

Whether you’re just starting out, seeking a new opportunity, or looking to advance in your career, managing your online presence is essential. A strong presence can enhance your reputation, visibility, and consideration for prospective opportunities; the alternative can hurt your employability and career altogether without your even knowing!

You don’t have to be an expert to ensure that the image you’re projecting is in line with how you want others to see you. Check out some of these tips from Idealist on managing your online presence. You can also review LinkedIn’s overview on building an effective profile, networking via the platform, and much much more.

Did you know CSSW has a LinkedIn group for students and alumni? Join today to connect with your peers, learn about opportunities, and expand your network!