Welcome to our Spring 2021 Class!

The Office of Career Services and Leadership Management would like to extend a warm welcome to our new class of students! We look forward to working with you and supporting your career journey throughout your time at CSSW and thereafter.

See below for information regarding appointment scheduling and other resources that will be further discussed at our Career Q&A Webinar this afternoon at 2:00 PM.

Career Connect / Appointments

    • Career Connect is your go-to career management tool that you can use to schedule appointments, register for events, explore opportunities, and access resources including career guides and tip sheets. Please bookmark the link for future use: https://candidate.gradleaders.com/ColumbiaSW/Candidates/Login.aspx?pid=3455
    • You will receive access to the system later this afternoon via a welcome email titled “Welcome to Career Connect” that will be sent to your Columbia email. Instructions on how to set up your account will be included.
    • To schedule an appointment, go to Advising > General Advising > Add Appointment, and choose a time that’s convenient for you. All appointments are being held virtually or by phone at this time.

Spring Calendar

All upcoming events and activities will be posted in Career Connect in the Events section. They will also be announced via email and in our enews.

    • Company Events are primarily employer-related activities (e.g. recruitment sessions).
    • Workshops include career and professional development training as well as talks and panels with alumni and other professionals in the field.

Most CSSW-based events will take place Tuesdays through Thursdays during the afternoon breaks. Please make sure to register for each event directly using Career Connect or the links provided within the system. This will allow the career team to anticipate how many to expect and plan accordingly with employer, alumni, and other guest speakers.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please email [email protected]. Once again, welcome!

Tomomi and Rawlisha

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