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Overflowing Disparities: Examining the Availability of Litter Bins in New York City

The 1980s marked the birth of the modern environmental justice movements thanks to civil rights activists’ concerns about the disproportionate placements of landfills in low-income and Black communities. (see our Environmental Justice Spotify playlist here) Similar environmental injustice concerns are … Continue reading

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Criminogenic or criminalized? Testing an assumption for expanding criminogenic risk assessment.

Proponents of criminogenic risk assessment and algorithmic prediction for criminal recidivism have called for its widespread expansion throughout the criminal justice system, including for setting bail, pre-trial detention decisions, sentencing, and even policing. Its success in predicting recidivism is taken … Continue reading

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Analyzing Mixtures of Environmental Contaminants

It has long been understood that the burden of environmental pollution is disproportionately felt in certain neighborhoods, particularly low-income or minority neighborhoods.  In the 1980’s the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) described Environmental Justice as the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all … Continue reading

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Environmental Justice: Social Disparities in Exposures to Environmental Pollutants

Location, location, location.  Anyone who has been in the real estate market knows that location is one of the most important factors in determining property value.  But, a large body of evidence indicates that property value is not the only … Continue reading

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Music about the Environment

We just posted a mix of songs on environmental issues to the Social Epi Radio section of our website.  The National Institute of Environmental Health (NIEHS) states that environmental factors are fundamental determinants of health and well-being. Researchers and activists have … Continue reading

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