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Not so much “radio on the internet” but Spotify playlists that will load the Spotify app and start playing our curated playlists.  Artists in popular music traditions like folk, blues, reggae, punk, hip hop and rock have frequently used their music to point to social needs and disparities and in some instances have changed the national and international conversation on these issues.  We are organizing a series of playlists of songs about key social factors that influence health and well being.  Each mix will be accompanied by links to key literature, popular press articles and/or Info-Graphix on the featured topic.  Check the drop down menu under the Social Epi Radio tab on the menu bar to see the available streams.

Get Spotify, its free and will let you listen to the playlists.  Click on the “Play Button” in our Social Epi Radio pages and the mixes will automatically start playing via Spotify.

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