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In New York City, pandemic policing reproduced familiar patterns of racial disparities

In the past month, New York City has rolled back most of the public health mandates first put in place to control the spread of COVID-19 in early 2020, such as social distancing and mask wearing mandates. Now, new research … Continue reading

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Engaging with movement demands on their own terms: Professor Ruth Wilson Gilmore makes the case for abolition

There’s been much discussion about what organizers and protesters “really mean” by their demands to defund the police and abolish police and prisons, as those ideas enter the mainstream discourse. One troubling pattern is emerging in these discussions among commentators … Continue reading

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Criminogenic or criminalized? Testing an assumption for expanding criminogenic risk assessment.

Proponents of criminogenic risk assessment and algorithmic prediction for criminal recidivism have called for its widespread expansion throughout the criminal justice system, including for setting bail, pre-trial detention decisions, sentencing, and even policing. Its success in predicting recidivism is taken … Continue reading

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Mass Incarceration Info-Graphix

We just released a comprehensive PowerPoint slide deck on Mass Incarceration statistics, please feel free to use these slides. Since most people sent to prison are eventually released, and most “corrections” actually happens in the community through parole and probation, it’s … Continue reading

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