Training & Translation

Social Epidemiology Unit faculty are involved in a variety of efforts to train Masters, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral students in Social Epidemiology.  The faculty are also dedicated to translating research data for policy makers, community groups, think-tanks and the general public.

MPH Certificate in Social Determinants of Health.

The Mailman School of Public Health offers a series of Certificate programs, including the Social Determinants of Health Certificate which is led by Lisa Bates (EPI) and Mark Hatzenbuehler (SMS).  The Social Epidemiology course taught by Lisa Bates is one of the key courses within the Certificate.

Epidemiology and Population Health Summer Health Institute at Columbia University (EPIC) 

During the month of June the EPIC program provides week long, Saturday and Online training in epidemiology, including many classes relevant to Social Epidemiology.

The Epidemiologymatters website is a companion to the book, Epidemiology matters: a new introduction to methodological foundations, [Purchase here] by Katherine Keyes and Sandro Galea. It provides supplementary materials, exercises and powerpoint slides that accompany the book.  All the supplementary material is publicly available and may be of interest to others who do not use the book., a suite of tools for demonstrating and modeling methodological issues in epidemiology.  The site uses R Shiny to create interactive simulations that allow the user to conduct a series of “what if” experiments to demonstrate epidemiology principles.  The site currently has modules that demonstrate the extent of bias caused in a study by confounding and exposure misclassification, and the intricacies and trade offs involved in matching in a case control study.  Each module has a set of sliders that allow the user to control the simulation parameters and observe the resulting bias in the study’s estimate of the effect of exposure on disease.

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