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Criminogenic or criminalized? Testing an assumption for expanding criminogenic risk assessment.

Proponents of criminogenic risk assessment and algorithmic prediction for criminal recidivism have called for its widespread expansion throughout the criminal justice system, including for setting bail, pre-trial detention decisions, sentencing, and even policing. Its success in predicting recidivism is taken … Continue reading

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Social Epi Radio: Housing, Gentrification and Homelessness

“Our home is where we launch our lives from on a daily basis. Therefore, housing is an important area of study and intervention as it carries vital health and social implications.” Diana Hernandez, Mailman School of Public Health This episode of … Continue reading

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Social Epi Radio: The Selecter

Dr. Michael Friedman’s interview at Psychology Today with Pauline Black, lead singer for The Selecter, and Steve Shafer’s recent review of The Selecter’s new record, Subculture, are vivid reminders of the social issues highlighted by Ms. Black, The Selecter, and … Continue reading

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Music about the Environment

We just posted a mix of songs on environmental issues to the Social Epi Radio section of our website.  The National Institute of Environmental Health (NIEHS) states that environmental factors are fundamental determinants of health and well-being. Researchers and activists have … Continue reading

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Social Epidemiology Soundtracks

Under the new “Social Epi Radio” menu tab we will start posting thematically curated music collections. Not so much “radio on the internet” but Spotify playlists that will load the Spotify app and start playing our list.  Artists in popular … Continue reading

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