Licensing and COVID-19 Related Resources

If you haven’t already started your New York State licensing application, please refer to this document for guidance on how to apply (UNI log-in required).

As a reminder, New York State will not allow you to take the Masters Level Exam or apply for a permit (if you have a pending job offer) until after you have graduated. If you have any questions about the procedures after reviewing the document, please email Betty Gee in Student Services.

If you are pursuing licensure in a different state, please review the rules, regulations, and application instructions on the respective Social Work Board site. To find your respective board, google “Social Work Board” and the state, or look through ASWB’s registry of boards and use the “Quick Jurisdiction Report” tool. You can also check your local NASW Chapter for additional guidance.

For the most up-to-date information regarding testing and licensure as it relates to COVID-19, please refer to the respective authorities directly:

Additional COVID-19 Resources from NASW

Many local NASW Chapters are working to keep members updated on the COVID-19 outbreak and advocating for social workers within their states.

We encourage you to review their sites as well as the ASWB and individual Social Work Board sites for the latest information on regulatory provisions and efforts to support the profession.

Take a look at some of the resources shared by the New York State and New York City Chapter below: