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Maintaining patient privacy while geocoding patient addresses: Do Not Use R to Geocode!

Imagine if a clinical researcher were to disclose a list of patient addresses to a third-party – government agency, for profit company or not-for-profit entity – that was outside of their hospital or health system. Imagine the researcher then publicly … Continue reading

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Do employees receive recommended preventive health services?

Large numbers of Americans receive their health care through insurance and wellness plans sponsored by their employers.  New work by Rundle and colleagues (full text here) describes a method that employers can use to analyze their medical claims data to … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Health Effects: Does The Way We Define “Neighborhood” Alter the Effect?

There are many different ways that aspects of the social and physical environment can affect a person’s health. For example, body mass index and chronic disease are associated with the walkability of the area where a person lives. Spending more … Continue reading

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Measuring Neighborhood Physical Disorder: Man on the Street verses Google Street View

Following is a post by Steve Mooney on a recently published paper.  Dr. Mooney is an alum of the Doctoral Program in Epidemiology and the Social Epi Cluster. We’ve done a lot with Street View at the Built Environment and Health … Continue reading

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Steve Mooney receives Poster Award at Epidemiology Congress of the Americas 2016

Steve Mooney, one of our recently minted PhD’s, won a best poster presentation award at the 2016 Epidemiology Congress of the Americas for his work on the “Neighborhood Environment-Wide Association Study” design. New spatial tools and the expanding availability of … Continue reading

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Cluster Doctoral students, Andrew Ratanatharathorn and Stephen Mooney and Cluster Faculty member, Andrew Rundle, recently launched, a suite of tools for demonstrating and modeling methodological issues in epidemiology.  The site uses R Shiny to create interactive simulations that allow … Continue reading

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