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“I’m Not a Freshi”: Culture Shock, Puberty and Growing Up as British-Bangladeshi Girls

Most people wish to banish the awkwardness and confusion of puberty from their memories, but for Lauren Houghton, puberty has been the focus of her research for more than a decade. Fascinated by the opportunity it presented for biosocial inquiry, … Continue reading

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Do employees receive recommended preventive health services?

Large numbers of Americans receive their health care through insurance and wellness plans sponsored by their employers.  New work by Rundle and colleagues (full text here) describes a method that employers can use to analyze their medical claims data to … Continue reading

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Heavy and binge alcohol drinking and parenting status in the United States from 2006 to 2018

Social and Spatial Epidemiology Unit members Sarah McKetta and Katherine Keyes recently published research in PloS Medicine regarding national trends in binge and heavy drinking. A wave of recent media attention has raised alarms that women with children are drinking … Continue reading

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Mental illness, drinking, and the social division and structure of labor in the United States: 2003-2015

New research by Seth Prins, Sarah McKetta, Jonathan Platt, Carles Muntaner, Kerry Keyes, and Lisa Bates shows the ways that the social division and structure of labor are associated with mental illness and drinking.  Their work was published online in … Continue reading

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Mortality and Work-Family Trajectories for U.S. Women, 1968–2013

Cluster member Sarah McKetta, working with Seth Prins, Jonathan Platt, Lisa Bates, and Katherine Keyes, recently published research examining social roles of US women and how the patterning of these roles impacts mortality. Changes in employment patterns in the 20th … Continue reading

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Recent Social Epi Research Papers

In a recent paper in the journal Injury Epidemiology Keyes and colleagues applied age-period-cohort analyses to data on fatal motorcycle crashes in the Fatality Analysis Reporting System data and found that baby-boomers have experienced significantly higher mortality from motorcycle crashes than … Continue reading

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Demand-Side Efficiency in Global Health

In a recent paper published  in Health Policy and Planning, cluster faculty member Elizabeth Radin and her colleagues develop the concept of demand-side efficiency–or the efficiency with which health system users convert public health resources into health outcomes. They also propose methods … Continue reading

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Networks of Opportunity for Child Wellbeing (NOW) Convening

Dr. Suglia recently attended the Networks of Opportunity for Child Wellbeing (NOW) Convening, where she presented her work on the neighborhood social environment and obesity prevention. To effectively prevent obesity in the US, this work proposes that rather than continue … Continue reading

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Depressive Symptoms During Adolescence and Young Adulthood, Gender and the Development of Type 2 Diabetes

The American Journal of Epidemiology just published research by Shakira Suglia finding that high depression symptoms in both adolescence and adulthood are associated with onset of Type II diabetes among women. Among men however an opposite effect was noted in that … Continue reading

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Unequal depression for equal work?

Current doctoral students Jonathan Platt and Seth Prins, along with Cluster faculty Lisa Bates and Katherine Keyes recently reported that structural workplace discrimination, measured as the presence of a gender wage gap, largely explained higher rates of mood disorders among … Continue reading

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