Directly Impacted Group at Columbia University



The mission of the Directly Impacted Group (DIG) is to provide support and advocate for formerly incarcerated students, staff, faculty and directly impacted family members on campus.

Our organization:

  • Recruits for the purpose of increasing the retention of formerly incarcerated students, staff, and professors on campus at Columbia University
  • Provides support, resources, and alternative pathways to success
  • Alleviates transitional difficulties for impacted individuals by providing mentorship and resource information
  • Holds a weekly support group where impacted individuals share and learn from one another
  • Created a research initiative for impacted individuals on campus
  • Develops partnerships with supportive organizations
  • Seeks to educate ourselves and others on issues surrounding social justice, mass incarceration and post incarceration
  • Advocates on behalf of those who have been impacted
  • Will work with other city, state and private institutions to establish a nationwide alliance of formerly incarcerated students, staff, faculty and directly impacted family members in academia
  • Has created a justice working group to strategize and mobilize with all students, staff and community activists sharing the common goal of ending mass incarceration



The DIG organization has progressed much this semester! Here are just a few accomplishments and developments for the organization:

  1. We have been officially recognized as an organization under the Center for Justice at Columbia University
  2. We have provided weekly support groups for directly impacted people on campus
  3. Directly Impacted Group members have applied to various graduate school programs at Columbia with the assistance of DIG
  4. We are currently working with Directly Impacted Group members on their graduate school applications
  5. We have helped directly impacted people get involved in the research initiative
  6. Professors have started to reach out to the organization with the purpose of having members share with their class


Spring 2018 Weekly Meetings 

Mondays 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Columbia University, Department of Psychology,

219 Schermerhorn Hall, 1190 Amsterdam Avenue,

New York, NY 10027



If you are interested in learning more or you would like to attend DIG events please forward all inquires to:

Isaac Scott @[email protected] or

Christopher Medina @[email protected]