The Center for Justice collaborates with a wide array of partners working to address issues of incarceration and criminal justice including centers, institutes and departments throughout Columbia, community and grassroots organizations and advocates, other institutions of higher learning, government agencies and officials and those directly impacted by criminal justice and corrections policy that may not be affiliated with an institution or organization. We work to build collaborative and supportive partnerships that produce solution focused projects that support a growing movement of those working to transform our current justice system, and that elevate the work of each of our partners.

Columbia University Partners

The work with our Columbia Partners is two-fold. We promote, support and connect the work of our partners to bring greater awareness and connectivity to the criminal justice and incarceration related work happening across the university, to both the ColumbiaLEARN MORE >

Community Partners

The Initiative partners with a number of community-based and grass roots organizations and advocates across New York City.  We strongly believe that our work must be done in collaboration with community-based and grassroots organizations, and those directly impacted by massLEARN MORE >

University Partners

In addition to partnering with community-based organizations and centers, institutes and departments at Columbia, the Center partners with other institutions of higher learning throughout New York City.  Through these partnerships, we work to develop cross-university projects and opportunities for shared learning.LEARN MORE >