The Center aims to stimulate solution-focused research that draws on the strengths of both university and community partners. We wish to harness developing and existing scholarship to support judicious policy-making and informed public conversation about justice. We offer funding opportunities for faculty at Columbia to engage in collaborative research with community organizations and advocates across New York City. In addition we provide structured spaces for faculty and doctoral students from a variety of disciplines to present and discuss research-in-progress.

Investing in Justice Pilot Projects

The Investing in Justice Pilot Projects provides funding and support for collaborative research, curriculum development and conferences that are working to address issues of incarceration and criminal justice. Our inaugural cohort includes projects focusing on issues of reentry, peer mentorship,LEARN MORE >

Justice Research Fellows

The Center for Justice established the Justice Research Fellows Award to support innovative research and scholarship in justice. The Justice Research Fellows Award celebrates the many new and cutting edge ideas coming out of the most creative and promising researchers who embodyLEARN MORE >

Justice Working Group

The Justice Working Group is a collaborative effort of the Columbia Population Research Center (CPRC) and the Center for Justice to assemble faculty, research scientists and fellows, graduate students and community partners in order to share and discuss work inLEARN MORE >

From the Inside Out

Overview –  Issue  – Vision – Methods – Research – Artistic Engagement – Contact PROJECT DESCRIPTION From the Inside Out is an action-research-based multidisciplinary project integrating research and strategic, artistic, public programming to advocate for humane treatment, humanizing language, and representative imagery and depictions of people in prison. The projectLEARN MORE >