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Welcome to the CUPS Press Office!

As scientists we all know how important it is to clearly communicate our science. But science communication doesn’t stop at journal publications and conferences! Being able to repackage your science for a wider audience is a critical skill that is finally starting to get the attention it deserves.

Our goal is provide our postdocs with the tools to develop their skills in science communication and also give them a platform to advertise the cutting-edge science they are producing.

What can you do to participate in our endeavor?

  • Submit a recent publication or pre-print to our team.

We will summarize your publication so that it is accessible to people outside of your field. And, if you’re interested, interview you to include quotes in the final post.

  • Join our team of writers.

If what interests you is actually doing the writing, we can provide you with the platform to publish your work and the tools to become a better science communicator through our online workshops and panels with experts who are doing this work now.

Fill out the onboarding form to do either (or both!).

For questions: email Olaya Fernandez Gayol at [email protected]

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