Commuications Director Position Open on NMTF Board

The New Media Task Force (NMTF) is seeking a new person to be a part of the board as the Communications Director. As the voice of the NMTF, the primary responsibilities of this position will be to send out event notifications and news through email, facebook and other social media to NMTF membership, maintaining the NMTF website and blog, as well as other important correspondence as needed. Therefore a strong background in communications, public relations, blogging and social media is strongly preferred. Expect to spend […]

2012 Kick-off Meeting and Crisis Mapping Training

NMTF is revving up for an exciting term, starting this Wednesday, February 15th at 8pm in IAB 405 with our “kickoff” meeting! The NMTF board will provide a general introduction to the topics of crisis mapping and ICTs for Development as well as information about the many workshops, trainings and brownbag events planned for spring term. Pizza and refreshments will be provided. Students with all levels of experience with technologies and new media are welcome! Immediately following the meeting (~9 p.m.) will be a brief […]

NMTF Situation Room – Satellite Imagery Analysis: Mapping IDP Settlements in Somalia

Dear NMTFers, The New Media Task Force is pleased to introduce our first Situation Room of the 2011-2012 school year this Friday, November 4th, from 2:10 to 5:00pm in Room 1401 IAB on Satellite Imagery Analysis: Mapping IDP Settlements in Somalia – a New Media Task Force contribution to Phase II of a joint Standby Task Force and UNHCR project. If you did not attend the basic training session in Crisis Mapping last Monday, October 24th, please note this in the registration form below and bring this to our attention on […]

Media Monitoring and Mapping for Libya

Two weeks ago, UN OCHA had asked the Standby Task Force of international crisis mappers to put all their energy into crisis mapping for Libya in various ways. The Standby Task Force deployed for the week, and then upon OCHA’s request, extended their mandate. Last weekend, the project was transferred to United Nations Volunteers. You can find the map here: The New Media Task Force hosted an urgent two-hour Libya mapping session on the evening of Thursday, March 10th, where Columbia Crisis Mappers, including NMTF Board members, contributed to these mapping […]