Media Monitoring and Mapping for Libya

Two weeks ago, UN OCHA had asked the Standby Task Force of international crisis mappers to put all their energy into crisis mapping for Libya in various ways. The Standby Task Force deployed for the week, and then upon OCHA’s request, extended their mandate. Last weekend, the project was transferred to United Nations Volunteers. You can find the map here: http://libyacrisismap.net/. The New Media Task Force hosted an urgent two-hour Libya mapping session on the evening of Thursday, March 10th, where Columbia Crisis Mappers, including NMTF Board members, contributed to these mapping […]

How We Use Social Media During Emergencies

The use of social media during national and international crises, both natural and political, is something that Mashable has followed with great interest over the past few years. As a culture, we started becoming more aware of the power of social media during times of crisis, like when the Iran election in 2009 caused a furor, both on the ground and on Twitter. More recently, the Internet and social media played an important role in spreading news about the earthquake in Haiti and political revolution […]