Mapping Election Results with Cartodb and Mapbox

How did those news agencies make such fancy / slick / interactive maps to display each party’s progress in last night’s US election? Surely they used high-tech solutions unavailable to the average person, right? Actually, No. Two of the main platforms utilized by news sites in the election are readily available to all! Mapbox (@mapbox): Development Seed utilized Mapbox maps to produce the visuals on USA Today’s site. Last semester we held a training with their powerful (and free) Tilemill software – check it out! Here’s […]

Pitch Competition This Friday – Keynote Speaker

Tomorrow (at 2pm in 501 Schermerhorn) is our the Innovating Mobile Technology for Development pitch competition! Not only will you get to hear from (and network with) our awesome judges and competitors, at 2pm you can hear from our keynote speaker Beth Noveck. To get you excited, here is her excellent talk on open government and her vision of practical openness — connecting bureaucracies to citizens, sharing data, creating a truly participatory democracy. [youtube]

Pitch Competition this Friday – The Judges

Yesterday we looked at the teams and their ideas for the Innovating Mobile Technology for Development pitch competition is (this Friday at 2pm!); today we take a closer look at our panel of judges. You can find proper biographies and associated links here, so instead of repeating our words we wanted to share their words! Robert Fabricant – frog design [youtube] Christopher Fabian – UNICEF Innovation Unit [youtube] Matt Berg – Earth Institute [youtube]

Mapping Sandy

If you have ever wondered how crisis mapping can be applied to disasters here in the USA, Hurricane Sandy brought on a plethora of examples. You can decide for yourself the up sides (displaying information otherwise unattainable) and the down sides (duplicating efforts, misinformation a la Twitter). Here are a few interesting ones to check out: Super Storm Sandy – Created by, combining crowdsourced data and official information Tweak the Tweet Sandy – Created by University of Washington’s Human Centered Design & Engineering (specifically […]

New Media Task Course(s)

Welcome back to another exciting year at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs! By now you probably have your schedule just about set, but in case you don’t (and with the confusing mixture of registration systems across campus, it is easy to understand why not), we have a few New Media and/or ICT type classes picked out for you! Find them here: Relevant Columbia Courses And if you have taken a great class that would be of interest to the NMTF membership, let us […]