NMTF Situation Room – Satellite Imagery Analysis: Mapping IDP Settlements in Somalia

Dear NMTFers,
The New Media Task Force is pleased to introduce our first Situation Room of the 2011-2012 school year this Friday, November 4th, from 2:10 to 5:00pm in Room 1401 IAB on Satellite Imagery Analysis: Mapping IDP Settlements in Somalia – a New Media Task Force contribution to Phase II of a joint Standby Task Force and UNHCR project.

If you did not attend the basic training session in Crisis Mapping last Monday, October 24th, please note this in the registration form below and bring this to our attention on Friday and we will ensure you are given the necessary information and training.

To participate in this project you must first become a member of the Standby Task Force (SBTF).
Apply to join the SBTF by filling out this form.
Note if you’re a trained Crisis Mapper, that you’re with the New Media Task Force @ SIPA, and that you want to work on the Somalia Satellite Imagery Project.

Once your application is approved, follow the steps outlined in the email you will receive. Particularly, join the Sat Team and reply “Attending” to the Somalia Satellite Imagery Project. If your request to join the SBTF is not approved by Friday, please send an email to an NMTF Board member.

As soon as you have applied to become a member of the SBTF, you should register for the NMTF Friday Situation Room.

More information on the Friday NMTF Situation Room:
The first half hour of the session will comprise of an instructional component on this particular mapping process, while the remaining time will be devoted to each person contributing to the mapping efforts as part of the NMTF Crisis Mappers. We strongly recommend that you attend the first instructional portion, though if you are unable to attend during this time we will instruct you on a one-on-one or smaller group basis as needed. Feel free to join and leave the Situation Room according to your schedule. Before you can begin mapping, you will be required to sign a Code of Conduct including a Confidentiality Agreement, and participate in volunteer coordination through Skype and Google Docs.
The deployment launches on November 4th and ends on November 10th. After the initial Situation Room on Friday, you are encouraged to use the tools you have learned to continue mapping for this project on your own time until November 10th.
Refreshments will be served. 

By participating in his project, you will be providing immediate essential information to the UNHCR about the locations of displaced people in Somalia that is only accessible through satellite imagery rather than on-the-ground assessments. We are excited to facilitate the participation of Columbia students in this exciting project and present a collective contribution to the SBTF. Feel free to share this initiative with those who may be interested. Questions can be directed to Nadia (nh2348) and Matt(mrc2171) or any other NMTF Board member, or posted below. We hope you will join us in this unique opportunity.

Nadia Hasham
Director of Crisis Mapping
New Media Task Force @ SIPA