Commuications Director Position Open on NMTF Board

The New Media Task Force (NMTF) is seeking a new person to be a part of the board as the Communications Director.

As the voice of the NMTF, the primary responsibilities of this position will be to send out event notifications and news through email, facebook and other social media to NMTF membership, maintaining the NMTF website and blog, as well as other important correspondence as needed. Therefore a strong background in communications, public relations, blogging and social media is strongly preferred. Expect to spend about 3 hours per week for this job.

NMTF has a dedicated and enthusiastic board, an awesome faculty advisor, and is always seeking new, exciting and innovative opportunities to engage in the field of ICT4D. All members of the board contribute towards the planning of events and mobilizing our communities to take part.

To apply, please send us a resume, along with a brief statement of why you are interested by September 20th. [email protected]