Media Monitoring and Mapping for Libya

Two weeks ago, UN OCHA had asked the Standby Task Force of international crisis mappers to put all their energy into crisis mapping for Libya in various ways. The Standby Task Force deployed for the week, and then upon OCHA’s request, extended their mandate. Last weekend, the project was transferred to United Nations Volunteers. You can find the map here:

The New Media Task Force hosted an urgent two-hour Libya mapping session on the evening of Thursday, March 10th, where Columbia Crisis Mappers, including NMTF Board members, contributed to these mapping efforts.

UN OCHA has released this video about their humanitarian work in Libya. We have received reports from UN OCHA workers that the Libya Crisis Map is the best source of information for humanitarian workers on the ground in Libya and expressed how much this work is appreciated by their staff. Thank you to all who have participated.

The mapping efforts always require more volunteers, especially given the rapidly evolving situation in Libya. If you would like to contribute, send an email to Nadia at [email protected]. Include whether you have previously been trained in Crisis Mapping/Ushahidi or not, and the languages you can work with.  Arabic speakers are encouraged to participate!

Nadia Hasham
Director of Crisis Mapping