Water: A Global Challenge

Vol. 61, No. 2, Spring/Summer 2008


Water in the 21st Century: Defining the Elements of Global Crises and Potential Solutions

Water Wars: Obscuring Opportunities

Healing The Enlightenment Rift: Rationality, Spirituality and Shared Waters

The Forgotten Infrastructure: Safeguarding Freshwater Ecosystems

The Potential and Promise of Water Pricing

Water and Gender: The Unexpected Connection That Really Matters

From Universal Prescriptions to Living Rights: Local and Indigenous Water Rights Confront Public-Private Partnerships in the Andes

Challenges and Realities of Water Managemt of Megacities: The Case of Mexico City Metropolitan Area

Water Politics in South Asia: Technocratic Cooperation and Lasting Security in the Indus Basin and Beyond

The Role of Epistemic Communities in Offering New Cooperation Frameworks in the Euphrates-Tigris Rivers System

Mission Not Yet Accomplished: Managing Water Resources in the Nile River Basin

Water, Sanitation and the Millennium Development Goals

Long Review Essays


An Interview with Maude Barlow

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