Breaking Point: Protests and Revolutions in the 21st Century

Vol. 68, No. 1, Fall/Winter 2014

Andrew Wellington Cordier Essay

Civil Society as Domestication: Egyptian and Tunisian Uprisings Beyond Liberal Transitology


Drones for Good: Technological Innovations, Social Movements, and the State

Digital Infrastructure Politics and Internet Freedom Stakeholders after the Arab Spring

Democratization and Women’s Political Leadership in North Africa

Participatory Democracy’s Moment

A Requiem for the Arab Development Model

The Energy-Insurgency Revolution Nexus: An Introduction to Issues and Policy Options

South Sudan: Governance Arrangements, War, and Peace

The Politics of International Sanctions: The 2014 Coup in Thailand

Crackdown: The Harsh Realities of Nonviolent Protests in the Bahraini Civil Conflict

Social Movements and Governments in the Digital Age: Evaluating a Complex Landscape


A Changing Media Landscape in Turkey: The 140journos Project — An Interview with Burcu Baykurt

Hong Kong Demands Democracy — An Interview with Michael Davis

The Possibility of Global Data Sets — An Interview with Kalev Leetaru

Prospects For Peace: Negotiations with FARC — An Interview with Alexandra Nariño

Reporting Behind Bars — An Interview with Mohammed Al Oraibi

Voices of Protest — Interviews with Student Protesters in Ukraine, Turkey, and Venezuela

GPPN Essay

The Bolivarian Spring: What are the Possibilities for Regime Change in Venezuela?

Photo Essay

The Struggle for Bahrain – A Photo Essay of Demonstrations and Civil Conflict


Turkey Rising: Increasing Confidence in Times of Conflict

On the Prospects of World Order

The Russian State Strikes Back: The Relevance of the State to Civil Society in Russia

The Far-reaching Impacts of the Arab Spring

Living Through Revolution: A View from an Apartment in Ukraine

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