Inside the Authoritarian State

Vol. 65, No. 1, Spring/Summer 2011

Andrew Wellington Cordier Essay

Images referenced in “The Art of Censorship in Vietnam”


Perpetuating Communist Party Rule in China

Myanmar’s Fifty-Year Authoritarian Trap

More State than Nation: Lukashenko’s Belarus

North Korea’s State-Loyalty Advantage

Iran’s Regime of Religion

Survival, Adaptation and Uncertainty: The Case of Cuba

New Media Entrepreneurs in China: Allies of the Party-State or Civil Society?

The Illusion of Stability in China

The Art of Censorship in Vietnam


The Road Out of Tahrir


Editors’ Foreword

State Institutions and the Survival of Dictatorships


State Power and Staying Power: Infrastructural Mechanisms and Authoritarian Durability

Sovereign Wealth Funds in Nondemocratic Countries: Financing Entrenchment or Change?

GPPN Essay

Interventions against a Dictator


After 1989: Redefining “Democracy”

Interview with the Author: Dictators’ Race to the Bottom


Islam and Technology: Evolution and Revolution

Mock Democracies: Authoritarian Cover-ups

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