Vol. 68, No. 2, Spring/Summer 2015

Andrew Wellington Cordier Essay

The Role of Diasporas in Conflict


Reversing the Elite Brain Drain: A First Step to Address Europe’s Skills Shortage

Unaccompanied Children and the U.S. Immigration System: Challenges and Reforms

Exploitation in Migration: Unacceptable but Inevitable

Preventing Mass Atrocities Against the Stateless Rohingya in Myanmar: A Call for Solutions

Are Syria’s Do-it-Yourself Refugees Outliers or Examples of a New Norm?

Global Competition for Brains and Talent

A Manifesto for the Fragile City

Toward a South American Citizenship? The Development of a New Post-National Form of Membership in the Region

Global ‘Undocumentedness’

Lessons from Contemporary Resettlement in the South Pacific

Factoring Migration into the ‘Development Data Revolution’

Never Mind the Metrics: Disrupting Human Trafficking by Other Means

The Child and Family Migration Surge of Summer 2014: A Short-Lived Crisis with a Lasting Impact


Images of Statelessness: A Photo Essay of Myanmar’s Rohingya

Eighty Thousand Entry Points: An Interview with Antje Missbach

Rising Tides: An Interview with Aunese and Sunema Simati

Define American: An Interview with Jose Antonio Vargas

Actors in Forced Migration: An Interview with Kelly Greenhill

Visualizing Global Migration

GPPN Essay

An Argument for Using Frozen Assets for Humanitarian Assistance in Refugee Situations


Rethinking Local Governance in Modern China in Light of Migratory Patterns

Children as Individuals: Assessing Their Rights in the Context of Global Migrations

Freedom of Migration: Oxymoron or Paradox?

A Narrative of Low-Wage Migrants in Singapore

Setting Up Shop: The Far Reaching Implications of China’s Burgeoning Presence in Africa

Unauthorized Immigrants as “Americans in Waiting:” A Call for Re-Articulating the Scope of Legality and Documentedness

Beyond Geographic Borders

A Quest of Self, Opportunities, and Belonging

Remittances in a Continuum of Space and Place

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