Professional Organizations

HIAA: Historians of Islamic Art Association.  The society offers information about exhibitions and conferences on its website; available at:

IQSA: International Qurʾanic Studies Association.  The consultation aims at the foundation of an independent learned society for scholars of the Quran in 2015; its website is available at:

ISAP: International Society for Arabic Papyrology.  The society maintains inventories of Arabic documents and important collections on its website; available at:

MELA: Middle East Librarians’ Association. The association’s website provides access to pdf-files of the MELA Notes and a “Tool Box” page providing help with calendar conversion, transliteration, and cataloging; available at:

MELCom International: The European Association of Middle East Librarians.  The association’s website tracks digitized collections and finding aids, while providing resources for cataloging; available at:

SHARP: Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing.  The international organization is devoted to global book history and print culture, and its website provides links to collections, research tools, and exhibitions; available at:

TIMA: The Islamic Manuscript Association.  The international non-profit organization is an affiliated project of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge. The website offers non-members access to its newsletter; available at:


Dagmar A. Riedel

Last updated, 16 July 2014

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