In the summer of 2015 I established a gift account for the Columbia University Seminar on Religion and Writing (#751).  Although the seminar’s basic expenses are covered by The University Seminars at Columbia University (, during the years I relied on the generosity of foundations and organizations, such as the American Institute of Iranian Studies (AIIrS), to enhance the seminar’s program. 

Of course, we will continue to submit applications to foundations and other sources of academic funding in order to bring in speakers from outside the tristate area.  Still, any contribution to the gift account will be greatly appreciated.  All gifts to Columbia University as a contribution to Seminar #751 are tax-deductible; neither Columbia University nor The University Seminars will retain any portion of a gift as an operational charge.  Please note that due to COVID-19, donations to the Seminar’s gift account are for the time being only accepted through Columbia University’s secure online giving form (  For more information, please see pp.15-16 of the 2021-2022 version of The University Seminars’ Guidelines for Chairs, Members, and Rapporteurs (

Thank you for your consideration.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us.

Susan L. Boynton, co-chair
Columbia University, Department of Music
slb184 [at]

Dagmar A. Riedel, co-chair
Columbia University
dar2111 [at]

First published, 1 September 2015
Last updated, 16 January 2022

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