Resources for the History of Islamic Books

This systematic bibliography is a work in progress that has its origin in the exploration of teaching projects on the history of books in Arabic script in 2012.  Suggestions, comments, and corrections are most welcome!

I – Learning about Manuscripts

Introductions to the History of the Book in Arabic Script
Codicology Textbooks
Background Readings on Arabic and Islamic Studies in Europe
The History of the Manuscript Book in Europe
Quantitative Codicology
Bibliometrics and Visualization
Archival Sources
Editorial Theory
Libraries and Book Collecting
Changes in Communication Technology

II – Describing Manuscripts

Writing Surfaces
Handwriting and Paleography
Illumination and Illustration
Online Databases of Seals in Arabic Script
Conversion of Dates

III – Finding Manuscripts

Historical Bibliographical Reference Works in Arabic
Printed Bibliographies of Manuscripts and Printed Books in Arabic Script
Online Databases of Manuscripts in Arabic Script
Authority Files, Metadata, and Structured Vocabulary

IV – Finding Research about Manuscripts

Exhibition Catalogs

V – Rare Holdings in Arabic Script in the Columbia Libraries

Finding Aids

VI – Miscellanea

Resource Websites
Professional Organizations

Dagmar A. Riedel

First published, 9 February 2013

Last updated, 28 September 2020

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