Meeting on October 25 2022—Dr. Sora Han

October 25, 2022 ONLINE
3pm ET

We are pleased to welcome invited speaker, Dr. Sora Han.

Sora Han is the Chair of the Department of African American Studies at the University of California, Irvine, and an Associate Professor of the Culture & Theory Ph.D. Program, Criminology, Law & Society, Comparative Literature and the School of Law. She also worked as a legal advocate for women prisoners in California, focusing on medical neglect and compassionate release cases. Her newest book, Mu: 49 Marks of Abolition, to be published by Duke University Press later this year, is an experimental text on the poetics of law in the wake of racial slavery. Recent publications on these new lines of research include “Slavery as Contract,” in Law and Literature (2016), “Poetics of Mu” in Textual Practice (2018) and the multimedia essay, Res Nulla Loquitur in b2o (2022). Her first book of poetry, ㅁ: to regard a wave, is forthcoming from Selva Oscura Press in 2023.