Meeting on January 23, 2020—Dr. Simon Barker

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Simon Barker (University of Sydney) to CDI for a presentation on his recent research on embodiment, pedagogy, and improvisation.

The meeting will take place at 3pm in Fayerweather 513 on Thursday January 23rd. A map of Columbia’s Morningside campus is available here.

This talk will offer a chronological overview of a research project focused on developing an integrated loop of influence between long distance barefoot running and drum set performance. Activities described include the creation of a new drumming vocabulary, and associated rhythmic developmental processes, generated as a means to perform rapid, layered multi-subdivision rhythmic forms that draw on organizational procedures including the use of rhythmic archetypes. In addition, this talk will describe forms of inter-disciplinary influence allowing for technical, aesthetic, procedural, and vocabulary development through an ongoing dialogue between two complementary physical practices.