Morial Shah, LL.M. 2018

        Hometown:  Khairpur Mirs, Sindh, Pakistan   Focus Area: Corporate Law, Sustainable Investment and […]

Extending the Family

by Angelo Malvestio LL.M. ’18   On August 4th I turned 30. I always thought […]

Marcel Gade, LL.M. 2016

        Hometown:  Frankfurt and Mainz, Germany   Focus Area: Litigation, Civil Procedure, Contracts, […]

Tom Dreyfus, LL.M. 2018

        Hometown:  Melbourne, Australia   Focus Area:  American Constitutional Law, Legal Technology, Gender […]

Tom Bland, LL.M. 2017

Hometown:  Adelaide, South Australia and Melbourne, Victoria Focus Area:  During the LL.M. I studied constitutional […]