xuan chi sullivan

xuan chi sullivan is a playwright, actor, educator, and activist. They are mainly interested in interdisciplinary arts, free & radical arts education, sweet snuggles, and hauntings. Hailing from Denver and the elite slums of suburban Aurora, Colorado; they are Denver’s Second Youth Poet Laureate and have been published in Suspect Press, OUTFRONT, and interviewed for Colorado Public Radio, Westword, and 303 Magazine. As a playwright, their plays We are the Wake, WHITEWASH, TRANS/ACTIONS (co-written with Woodzick), and pieces for The Non Binary Monologue Project have premiered in Boulder; meanwhile, their immersive, self produced autobiography, Last Stop, and Denver Comic Con commissioned, TesserACT: Dimensions of Gender, premiered in Denver. They are also the co founder of Shift23 Media, for which they have have written and starred in D.A.M.E. and You, Me, and the FAFSA. BFA: University of Colorado Boulder. Website.