Jacob K. Robinson

JACOB K. ROBINSON is as surprised as you are by all of this. He comes to playwriting by way of 6 years in academia studying filmmaking and film theory (he holds a B.A. in Film and Digital Media and an M.A. in Communication from Baylor University) and has worked for many years as a freelance filmmaker and professional musician. He spends too much of his time worrying about his glasses being smudged and whether or not he’s remembered to pay his phone bill – but he loves to write and teach and has committed himself to doing just that, hopefully in perpetuity. He writes mostly about death, religion/faith, historic figures/events, and architecture and is constantly nurturing an obsession with Kurt Vonnegut. And, if you’ll allow it, he’d like to say something a bit syrupy but something he truly believes: there is some rhythm beating throughout the universe that begs exploration and it’s vital that we create and create and create in an effort to discover what it means to be alive and within that pulse. Anyway. Stay gold.