Ellis Stump

ELLIS STUMP, like the island, is a traveling theatre educator and multidisciplinary creator (recent residencies: Wallace Stegner House Canada Feb-March ‘20, Prague Performing Arts Academy ‘19) exploring catharsis and growth of our Selves, relationships, and world through absurdism, Jewish existentialism, optimism, and imagination. She organizes, designs, and performs interactive storytellings, weaving research (survivor interviews, community workshops) and live collaboration (digital response, poetry/art/music, baking).

Her full-lengths have earned: 1st Place Vaclav Havel Library Foundation & NYU Tisch Playwriting Competition ‘19, Top 20 Finalist (of 400; TBA) Athena Project Plays-in-Progress ‘20, and productions with NY Theater Festival, Bertolt Brecht Symposium, Iowa State University, Penn State Theatre, State College Community Theatre, Eastend Elementary, et. al. Ellis graduated from Penn State Honors College 2019 with five degrees (yikes indeed) and numerous fellowships, grants, awards, and publications. She cherishes her experiences in clinical psychotherapy, gender advocacy, and international adventure; human authenticity, collectivity, intention, and whimsy; crafting, vintage fashion, and breakfast.